Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time for "The NICU Care Project"

Along with some amazing ladies we found that there is healing in giving, there's hope when you reach out, and joy in knowing that you are making an easier path for others who share the less traveled road.  It was a blast and an honor to spend quality time with this amazing ladies, and mostly to reach out to other NICU families.

Thank you my Zachary Owen for making all this happen.You opened our eyes and opened a world that we didn't even know that it existed, you came to shatter our self-centered world and you showed us that there's more in each soul than meets the eye. I love you son, and miss you like crazy, and I know deep in my heart that you and all your buddy angel friends were watching.

We love you and miss you always sweet boy,

First Ever Nicu Care Project,
Thank you very much to all the ladies that helped
with their time, donations and OCD skills. 

It was a great excuse to clean the house (Colombian style),
here is the table before the madness. 

Table with all the madness: We were thrilled and
also overwhelmed with everyone's generosity. 
Sharon, Jo, Sara, Mica, Stephanie, Kim and Maria came to the rescue,
Thank God! because I honestly didn't know where to start...

Busy ladies at work ( They didn't even touch the food)
so quiet and focused...

OK, fair enough you all can have a break...

So grateful for all the new and lasting friendships that my
boy brought to my life!

We delivered 16 NICU care packages, and about 20 sets
of preemie and micropreemie hats and onesies. 
Delivering our packages! Remember JO?
you can read about her here:angels along the way

The Hospital's Chaplain, sweet Gwynneth, who
helped us tremendously during our NICU stay, it was
wonderful to see her again!

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