Monday, April 30, 2012

Zach's story Part I

Some background info on this post: This post was actually a Thank you e-mail sent to all the great moms in the blogosphere that helped me out tremendously sharing their experiences about their kiddos. I'm publishing this message now, just to get everybody on the same page, and as I said before to make things less random. This is how it all goes:

22 weeks into my pregnancy with Zachary, the doctors were concerned with the position of our baby’s hands and feet. I had and amniocentesis that came back “normal” and we were told that there wouldn’t be a diagnosis until he was born. Our best case scenario would be an orthopedic problem that could be corrected using casts, splinting and lots of therapy; the worst case could be that the fixed position of Zach’s hands along with his clubbed feet would be a symptom of a muscular problem; worst of the worst there is no way that this would happen to us because this things only happen to other people scenario, would be something involving the muscular and neurological system as well. 

Needless to say, it was an emotional roller coaster throughout the rest of the pregnancy for me and my husband David;  lots of tears and lots of breakdowns and crying (ugly crying filled with: why my baby?? Screams) lots of tears that all of you know up close and personal. The only thing that our specialist was able to tell us was to be ready for “anything”, whatever that meant. Hubby was in total denial praying for a miracle healing, fasting and sneaking in a beer or two, he wouldn’t even allow me to mention the words “special needs” because he would break down, and I needed desperately to find support somewhere.  I goggled myself to death until 3:00 am every night of everyday and that’s how I came across the blog “Love that Max”, then I started to read comments from other moms and then I read their stories too and that was it for me, I got hooked. There was someone out there sharing the battle. 

More to come, 
Continue to Part II

Zach showing his adorable chubby cheeks and pout. 

This are the blogs that helped me so much (not in particular order, just trying to keep things with some logic here):

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