Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zach's Story part II

Some background info on this post: This post was actually a Thank you e-mail sent to all the great moms in the blogosphere that helped me out tremendously sharing their experiences about their kiddos. I'm publishing this message now, just to get everybody on the same page, and as I said before to make things less random. This is how it all goes:

Fast forward to January 11, 2012 the birth. After a really stressful pregnancy we decided to induce labor, I got my hospital bag ready, did my last updates on facebook, picked up my father from the airport and since we didn’t get a miraculous ultrasound where everything looked suddenly and inexplicably “normal”, we prayed REALLY hard for an orthopedic problem. Some prayers can sound really crazy as you all know. After an induction turned emergency c-section, Zach was born… and then there was silence, complete absolute silence. Holy crap! It’s the worst case scenario! That was the first thought that crossed my mind as I officially entered the Special Needs motherhood club that I had read so much about. Now not even my glass half full husband could deny it, we were Dutch citizens, I could see the sheer fear in his face, something that I had never seen in him before because you do not know, but just like all of your husbands, he also has superpowers. 

 Zach was immediately put on a ventilator and rushed to the NICU, where he stayed for 50 days. 50 Days that were filled with more tears and tests, including the so called and glorified Microarray that came back, along with many other tests “normal”. He had a surgery that included among many other procedures a g-tube placement and a muscle biopsy, and in the meantime we fell in love with our boy that despite all his challenges managed to be awfully cute and adorable and wrapped all the NICU staff around his crooked little finger.

Zach in NICU fighting the good fight

My blog quest continued as Zach was still undiagnosed, then the MRI results came back… NORMAL. But I knew my child, I found that very hard to believe; and I guess that the doctors agreed on that too, and they reviewed the MRI with a microscope. Both hemispheres of our Zach’s brain were slightly and symmetrically smaller than normal, so slightly that in any other baby that wouldn’t be a concern; but we were talking about Zach here and well... he didn’t cry or blink or swallowed or had any facial expression; he had contractures in several joints, hypotonia and there were doubts about his sight and hearing; meaning that there was a concern about his brain, a big concern, “fear for his life” concern. Suddenly we slipped from worst case scenario to really REALLY worst this only happens to other people scenario.

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