Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time for an Overdue Honeymoon

We'll see how long the "vacations glow" will last. 

 David and I have been married for almost seven years now. When we exchanged vows, we promised to love each other for better or worse, in wealth and in poverty and in sickness and health... As many married people out there know all too well, It's much easier said than done though!

Life threw us a curve and gave us a punch below the belt. Having our Zachary and then loosing him is something that many marriages that go on for decades may never experience, but we as many others out there did, and the toll that something like this brings to a marriage is undeniable. I have faith in the fact that if this can make us stronger, it will equip us greatly to have an impact in others, to give hope and to spread the good news in the gospel.

Before we start to change the world though, we needed some readjustment ourselves, we were in desperate need of some "WE" time. My mother is a very wise woman with 40 plus years of marriage under her belt, she advised us to take a trip, somewhere new, some place that we didn't know anybody in order to just focus on each other, and in order of not hurting anybody's feelings because we didn't visit, or called or what have you. I'm a good girl (Now) and I did what my mommy told me. This trip was just about David and I, and so, by hubby's choice we ended up in this amazing place. Sedona, Arizona.

One of the too many breathtaking views!

This beautiful scenery helped us regroup, bond and heal.
We have shared many adventures together, and now we can add helicopter ride, balloon ride and jeep ride to the list. David got over his fear of heights and hoped in, and I guess that the beautiful scenarios helped him a whole lot. I was also pretty distracted with the new things to see, learn and touch so I was able to just let go for some time to time and that was very therapeutic.
Oh! The places you'll go! 

It helps a lot to go to a place where nobody knows you, it gives you a clean slate for you to go   out and show your face around town. Carefree. You just get to be whoever you want to be, and that is some breath of fresh air.

I realized once again what a great husband I have, it made me very grateful for days like this, when in the past,  I seriously questioned whether if we were ever going to be happy again.

This is how I ended up in a balloon,
Waay overdressed,
with this seriously handsome  guy. 
Thanks to my Zach, I have a much higher appreciation for days like this, because I don't take them for granted anymore, and I also grew appreciation for the days that you just wish that they were over SOON, because they give you hard earned character. We were able to go up in the sky, in a balloon and have a Dr. Seuss moment, and silly me: I thought that I was literally closer to my boy.

I like to imagine that he could see us better if we went up on that balloon, and I wanted to look good for my boy. That's why I ended up waaay overdressed, on wedges and skirt on a balloon. Something that clearly embarrassed David. But Oh, well... I just hope that my boy liked the way I looked, even if the rest of the world thinks that I'm crazy. Zach taught me very well in which situations I should worry and in which ones I just shouldn't. Well on this one, I seriously don't give a hoot.

When we got married, we didn't have a formal honeymoon. We actually had no honeymoon at all. God gave us this trip when we needed it the most though, and I am very grateful for that. Grateful for the time to reconnect, to relax, to heal, to do some soul searching and to do NOTHING at all, which was one of my favorite things. Now that we are more "rested" I guess that it's time to go on and change the world. One bite at a time.

At the Amara Resort & Spa, we sat down by the outdoor fireplace, and just talked.
How cool is that? 

Great company and great music. We became Anthony Mazzella's groupies.
Seriously, Google this guy! He is THAT good.

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