Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time for Family: Christmas 2012

 This is a little delayed Christmas post. I have been away form the computer for a while... in fact we have been away for a while since we decided to spend this season visiting our families out of town.

As the first Christmas without our son, I was anticipating deep grief; so we decided that it was better to be close to our family, the ones that just like us had a very hard year and also experienced our loss. We got to visit David's family in Dallas for a couple of days, and then we headed to Washington DC, to take the cold weather and to surprise my mom and dad, that had no idea that we were going.

We needed to create new memories, and it was amazing to see their faces when we just "showed up" when they were least expecting it. Truly priceless!

With the cold weather we didn't do a whole lot of outdoor sight seeing; we visited a couple of museums and did some last minute shopping and some nice dinning, but really the main focus of this trip was to relax and spend time together. My sister Olgui and I were pregnant at the same time... she had a lovely and healthy strong boy that we now adore and call "Maxito" as if Max wasn't lovely enough...

To be honest, meeting him in person was difficult since he is just a month younger than Zach... but that's another post.  It was lovely and joyful to be around him, since he made me feel like we had known each other forever. Maxito is all cuddles and smiles! He also has brought a lot of happiness and healing for our family, and I know that my boy will always watch over him to protect him.

This Christmas season has been overall bittersweet: My angel is not with us, children are getting shot at schools, families are still spending this time in the NICU, or PICU and this is now a reality that hits home too close, the idea that we could have been one of this families is really not a too far stretch of the imagination. But somehow God has different plans, we got to travel, to enjoy our family and to feel "home". We have a whole new level of gratitude for that.

I'm sorry that I wasn't too much on the season spirit this year, but I guess that it's OK. If you have joined our journey, and are still caring, following and even praying for us, I don't have enough words to thank you enough. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a wonderful "Late Christmas and a Happy New Year"

Best Sushi that we've had in a long time,
celebrating our parent's 45th year anniversary. 

It's always so good to see my mom and dad!
Love you guys!

Making fun of my sister as she multitasks
and does some last minute shopping. 

Our Dear and Lovely "Maxito" oppening
presents on his first  Christmass.
Note: He pushed the presents aside
and kept playing with the gift wrap paper...

Dear hubby David, spending some
quality time with my niece Lucia. He is one amazing uncle. 

Dear Lucia, giving his daddy a present. Lovely!


  1. I love your pictures. We wish you all the best for 2013. I know God has big plans in store for you. I enjo y your blogging. They keep me humble. Happy New Year!

  2. Clari, thank you for that much love.... Maxito loves her Auntie Clari. You have met forever.

    Zachary and Max also have a very special relationship and will be together with tighs we cannot describe. God knows how much we though about you during all our expecting time, when Zach was born, when he went to heaven and now.

    Thank you also K Portrey for your comment. In fact, yYour thoughs also keep me humble hermanita...




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