Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time to kiss goodbye: 2012

I've been waiting for 2012 to be over soon since about...April?

This has been officially the most difficult year of my life, but now with only a few days left before it's over, I'm getting a "Pang" in the stomach. Because I'm weird like that. Somehow it seems that with the new year I should start moving on, but I have a hard time now letting go of the year of my son, and I fear that as time goes by his memory will start fading.

In a quick review, We met our baby,
We fought alongside with him. We bonded.
We gave him baths and listened to music.
We buried our son and gained an angel.

We cried, we fell, but we were never alone.
We had people to walk alongside with us.
We learned that after despair, hope and healing comes,

 We rode and released balloons,
We prayed for others and for us.

We lit candles and sought light.
We prayed for peace and healing,
We remembered.

Our bodies took a hit. David had back surgery.
Our house flooded. We remodeled,
We rebuilt, We got busy.We fixed it.

We went to Sedona, Dallas and Washington DC...

If you are still reading, you probably are feeling somewhat exhausted. I am. Actually exhausted is an understatement; but we're still here, together. We miss Zach every day but we pulled trough. I don't want to make a whole lot of resolutions this year that will fall trough the cracks. My only plan now is to continue healing, to learn to trust life again, and believe that good things are yet to come.

On that note, I wish you if not a Happy 2013 at least a boring one, because believe it or not, sometimes boring is good!

Thank you for reading, thank you for caring. 

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  1. Oh Clari... Zachary´s memory will be always present among us. Love,



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