Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The praise of Folly

Praising and accepting the madness that comes with a husband with a back that is not getting any better, more trips to the doctor, and a huge leak in our master bathroom that went on to our bedroom and ruined the whole wood floor.

Lots of changes in my to do list, just to give an idea this is how my to do list has changed just in a couple of weeks:

1. Last week: Get a fence for Zach's garden.
 This week: Zach's black fence ended up looking more like some creepy Halloween decoration. Totally a no-go. Get that fence out pronto, return it and just leave the whole fencing issue on the side for now. 

2. Last week: Finish the so called office Makeover. 
This week: What initially started as just a quick office makeover is now a whole house makeover. Since I'm at this madness already, I might as well go all out and paint our bedroom, change the doors and the bathroom sink, paint the bathroom, rearrange our closet space and God knows when I will call it a day.

3. Last week:Put an end to the clutter on David's desk. 
This week: Clutter in a desk? Really? Was that my biggest problem?  How about accept and live with the fact that since we are now sleeping in the office, every room in this house is now a wreck.Officially. 

4. Last week: Accessorize office to give it a "man's cave meets modern style look". 
This week: You've got to be kidding me! Let's focus on a new design concept: "make this house appropriate and safe for human living."

5. Last week: Dye my hair (Not by choice, if this goes on untouched I will end up looking like Pepe Le Pew). 
This week: Pull off the Pepe le Pew look somehow, maybe with some personality. If that fails, wear a headband or cover that stubborn white hair with mascara as a last resource. Girl you have other stuff to do.   

I'm getting used to this thing of planning one thing, to end up doing something totally different. That pretty much sums up my life sometimes. I still insist in trying to have some control; when indeed I just don't seem to have any. Things Happen. Shit Happens. Whether if I have my list or not, whether if I had planned for this or not.

On the bright side, I like to stay busy and have things to keep my mind occupied and out of grieving mode for a while. We also bought a lucky craigslist find, a beautiful wood desk that I plan to repaint, and give it a face lift and since my house is already a mess, I should just keep adding to the mess and join and enjoy the party, and get... Busy.

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